In Demand Digital.
In-house software development supporting our event logistics and media production pipelines.

Event Logistics | Digital Marketing | Social Media Tools | Digital Asset management

Event Logistics

Our event logistics support helps our event team keep track of the hundreds of artist bookings, stage schedules, transport pickups, hotel bookings, flights and riders that are required across all of their upcoming events.
It has an easy to use interface hiding a fully-featured back end hosted on AWS for maximum accessibility and reliability.
  • Create events and stages with automatic stage-time setup
  • Automatically generate artist itineraries: including stage times, hotel bookings, pickup times etc
  • Calculate transport schedules: efficiently assign drivers and vehicles to pickups using the least amount of fuel and drivers possible, and generating timetables for each driver
  • Realtime branded web-app featuring who"s performing now and next, for customer use during events

Integrated Digital Marketing Platform

Our marketing software is a single point of entry for account managers to create marketing campaigns which seamlessly push their message across social media, websites and venue TV screens.
  • Customised TV broadcast software for your venue TV screens, including your own logos and branding, promo videos alongside up-to-date music videos, fully remote controlled online
  • Automated social media campaigning with photo/video uploads, start and end dates and choice of dates. Set your campaigns and forget!
  • Fully integrated with your website - automatically feature your latest campaigns on your site with one click

Digital Media Asset Management

Our audio and video teams produce huge amounts of content, from high-resolution broadcast video to hundreds of gigabytes of music stems every week. Our media asset management systems ensure that all the data is catalogued, accessible, and fully backed up on- and off-site with multiple redundancies.

Social Media Tools

Using our marketing console, we can fully automate content posting to Twitter, Facebook etc. This is a great addition to personally curating accounts: it ensures the accounts are constantly active and drives up followers and follower interaction.
Our event and music teams use this extensively to manage their large number of artist and event social media feeds.