Project Management

We can tailor a package to give any artist the platform they need to get noticed in the music industry. This consists of curating and/or creating all of your music, video and online content for maximum impact, with advice and strategy planning aimed towards commercial release on an established label.

For example, we placed artist ‘X’ with a professional writing team, completing three songs which showcased the artist’s talent and style. Artist ‘X’ was then given studio time with an established production team to work on the sonic character and style of the productions, and help finalise the mix-downs. Additional club and alternative-genre remixes were then commissioned.

A debut release was chosen, a promotion plan and PR strategy was put in place and the artist was then given the opportunity to shoot a video & stills, fitted to the budget of the project. This was all tied together with the online campaign (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc) to launch the artist.

After the initial release, In Demand music secured a number of international licensing deals for artist ‘X’.

All contracting, financial and legal issues can be dealt with or advised by In Demand Music.

The options are very flexible and can always be adapted to meet your needs and budget, so please get in touch for more information.

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