Christian Davies – Take Me To The Disco
Connell Cruise – Into The Wild (Jacksonville Remix)
Jacksonville – Burn Up
Kamaura – Lover
Kamaura & Rob Jameson – Leave The World Behind [Spincredible]


KAMAURA ft marcus collins - SWEET THANG v2 newMatrix & Futurebound – Don’t Look Back (Apexx Remix) [3Beat]
Fuse ODG – T.I.N.A (Apexx Remix) [3Beat]
Fuse ODG – Antenna (Rudedog Remix) [3Beat]
Fuse ODG & Sean Paul – Dangerous Love (Kamaura Remix) [3Beat]
Fuse ODG – Thinking About You (Apexx Remix) [3Beat]
Fuse ODG – Thinking About You (Kamaura Remix) [3Beat]
Kamura ft Marcus Collins – Sweet Thang [Spincredible]Fuse-ODG-T.I.N.A-2014-Final-33x
Felix Hot & Nikki Belle – Rock This City [Spincredible]
Eve Gallagher – You Can Have It All (2014) [Spincredible]
Holly Hagan – Milkshake [All Around The World]
Bingo Staar – Get Up And Dance [All Around The World]
Sosumi – Locked Out Of Heaven [All Around The World]
Sosumi – #Selfie [Spincredible]
Sosumi vs Hardino – Higher Love
Jo Birchall – All About Love
Scarlette Fever – Helena (Rudedog Remix)
Bumer!, Mike & Roben and Fully Charged ft Big Daddi – BellyDancer [Spincredible]
The Scheme – Sick Of You (Rudedog Remix) [Sony]
Kamaura – It’s Not Right But It’s OK [Spincredible]
Kamaura – Never Gonna Give You Up [Spincredible]
Koele Vaten & Bass Punk – Overdrive [Spincredible]
Koele Vaten – Bullet In Your Heart [Spincredible]
Koele Vaten & John Ross – Falling [Spincredible]
Koele Vaten – Seventh Sense [Spincredible]
Koele Vaten – Trailblazer [Spincredible]
Heidi Anne – Saturday [Spincredible]
Des Mitchell – Everytime I See The Girl [Spincredible]
Click22 – Do It All Night [Spincredible]
3base – Coming Back [Spincredible]
3base – Cuban Truffle [Spincredible]
3base – Days Like That [Spincredible]
3base – Just The Way It Is [Spincredible]
Beatmap – Serious [Spincredible]
Beatmap – Son Of A Gun [Spincredible]
Beatmap – The Finest [Spincredible]
Beatmap – Too Blind To See It [Spincredible]
Global Dance Crew – All I Want For Christmas
Global Dance Crew – Fairytale Of New York
Global Dance Crew – Merry Christmas Everybody
Jason Fubar – The Wolf (Fully Charged Mix) [Spincredible]
Thomas Newson & New World Sound – Flute (APEXX) [3beat]
Deorro – Dechorro (Koele Vaten) [All Around The World]
Deorro – Yee (APEXX) [All Around The World]
DJ NYK – Don’t You Worry


APEXX – EP [3Beat]
APEXX – Gobble [3Beat]
APEXX – Terrahertz [3Beat]
APEXX – Acid Bomb [3Beat]
APEXX – Getta Grip [3Beat]
APEXX – Make Me Happy [3Beat]
APEXX – Sleeper [3Beat]
APEXX – Whipped [3Beat]
Bingo Staar – Banjo Children [All Around The World]
Bingo Staar – I Don’t Like You No More
Bingo Staar – Little Bird
Bingo Staar – Rock To The Rhythm
Charlie Brown – Floodgates (Rudedog Remix) [Universal]
Charlie Brown – Bones (Rudedog Remix) [Universal]
Delta 3 – In Your Eyes
Dr Kisch – Flashback
Dr Kisch – Sticky Floor
Guinevere – Ran For My Life (Koele Vaten) [Tommy Boy USA]
Jessica Wright – Come With Me [All Around The World]
James Mcqueen – Love Is You (Rudedog Remix)
Linnea – Im Bad (Filterscape remix) [Tommy Boy USA]
Matrix & Futurebound – Control (APEXX) [3Beat]
ReConnected – Do You
ReConnected – Long Way Home
Rudedog – The Road
Scarlette Fever – 6ft Woman (Rudedog Remix)
Unicorn Kid – I remember (APEXX) [3beat]

Old’s Kool Compilation Album [Universal Music]

N-Trance – Set You Free (Rudedog remix) [All Around The World]
Ultrabeat – Pretty Green Eyes (Rudedog remix) [All Around The World]
LMC – Clouds Above (Rudedog remix) [All Around The World]
2funky2 – Brothers & Sisters (Rudedog remix) [All Around The World]
Big Ang ft Siobahn – It’s Over Now (3base remix) [All Around The World]
Grandmaster Flash vs Rudedog – The Message [All Around The World]
Apollo – Dance (Rudedog remix) [All Around The World]
Kristine Blonde – Loveshy (Rudedog remix) [All Around The World]
Aquagen vs Warp Bros – Phatt Bass (Sosumi Remix) [All Around The World]
Major Players – Come With Me (Rudedog remix) [All Around The World]
Beatmap – Man Enough
Rudedog – Let The Beat Hit Em
Porn Kings – Up To The Wildstyle (Mark S Remix) [All Around The World]
Cutback – Rock To The Rhythm (Bingo Staar) [All Around The World]
Cisco Kid – Pizzaman (Skayt) [All Around The World]
CLK – No Matter What
Trinty X – Forever (Rudedog remix) [All Around The World]
LMC vs Trick Babies – Little Bird (Bingo Staar) [All Around The World]
Wi-Fi – Last Night (Bingo Staar) [All Around The World]


Alexandra Stan – Lemonade (Rudedog Remix) [3 Beat]
Basshunter – Dream On The Dancefloor (Rudedog Remix) [3beat]
Blueboy – Remember Me (Skayt Remix) [Transmisison]
Cascada – Summer Of Love (Rudedog Remix) [AATW]
Can Bener – Way I Dance Rudedog Remix) [New State]
Christian Davies – Chroma
Christian Davies – Supersun
Click22 – Do It All Night [Spincredible]
Click22 ft Nikki Belle – Superstar
Charlie Brown – On My Way (Rudedog Remix) [Universal]
Delta 3 – Apollo [High Contrast]
Delta 3 – Asylum [High Contrast]
Delta 3 – Distressed
Delta 3 – Focus
Delta 3 – Parkour [High Contrast]
Delta 3- SunDown
Derrick Hoh – Forever (Rudedog Remix) [Warner]
Derrick Hoh – Show me [Warner]
Divine Inspiration – The Way (Rudedog Remix)
DJ Antoine – Welcome To St Tropez (Rudedog 2012 Remix) [AATW]
Eric Saade – Hotter Than Fire (Rudedog Remix) [AATW]
Estrella – Superbass
Fazer – Killer (Rudedog Remix) [Island]
Grandmaster Flash vs Rudedog – The Message [AATW]
Hi-Jakkers – V.I.P [AATW]
I Am Lemon – Oh La La La
Jessica Wright – Dance All Night [AATW]
Jessica Wright – Dominoes [AATW]
John Ross – Here We Go
KR – One Day (Rudedog Remix) [Sticky Toffee]
Lost Witness – Our Sun’s Rising [Transmission]
Marc Kenny Live (Live mixes)
Northern Allstars – Crazy World [AATW]
Northern Allstars – Open Your Eyes [AATW]
Paul Thomas – Come Alive
Paul Thomas – Live Another Day
R&R – Watch Them Fall
Rizzle Kicks – Mama Do The Hump (Rudedog Remix) [Island]
Rudedog ft Ray Charles – I Gotta Woman [AATW]
Sol Fiesta – Speak Espanglish [AATW]
Tacabro – Tacata (Rudedog Remix) [AATW]
Titch – Dumb (Rudedog Remix) (Universal)
Tulisa – Live It Up (Rudedog Remix) [AATW]
Tulisa – Sight Of You (Rudedog Remix) [AATW]
Two Shoes – Turn Me On [AATW]
Lawless – Little Lion Man (AATW)


Alex Saidac – We Shine (Christian Davies Remix) [All Around The World]
Abi Phillips – Time To Let Go
Alexandra Stan – Get Back ASAP (Rudedog Remix) [3 Beat]
Angie B – After the sex (Daz Bailey remix)
Apollo – Dance (Rudedog) [All Around The World]
Beyonce – Countdown (Christian Davies Remix)
Chelcee – Live For The Weekend (Remix)
Chelcee – Never Giving Up (+cowriter)
Christian Davies – Electronik [Bazooka](+writer)
Christian Davies ft Joel Edwards – We Can Work This Out (+cowriter)
Christian Davies – Smokin Smack (+writer)
Christian Davies – Git Down [Bazooka] (+writer)
Christian Davies & Stand Tall Fists Up – Vote Now![Bazooka] (+cowriter)
Christian Davies – Muggle Blood [Bazooka] (+writer)
Click 22 – Save Me (+cowriter)
Click 22 – Get Dow (+cowriter)
Click 22 – Don’t Say Nuttin’ (+cowriter)
Click 22 – Top Of The World (+cowriter)
Click 22 – LOL (+cowriter)
Click 22 – Run Away (+cowriter)
Craig Smart – I Miss You (Christian Davies Remix) [Universal Canada]
Delta 3 – The Dream [High Contrast]
Daz Bailey & Christian Davies ft. Sophia May – Loving You (+cowriter)
DJ Antoine – Welcome To St Tropez (Rudedog) [All Around The World]
Duchess – All The Boyz (Rudedog) [All Around The World]
DJ Kuta – Seven Nation Army
Estrella – Stomp (Original Mix)
Evoke – Arms Of Loren (Rudedog remix)
Foster The People – Call It What You Want (Christian Davies Remix)
Georgie Rose – Live In The Moment (Rudedog Remix)
Jenna Lee – Real Love (+cowriter)
Major Players – Come With Me (Rudedog Remix)
Marvin Priest – Own This Club (Rudedog Remix)
Katy B – On A Mission (Christian Davies Remix) [Sony]
LMC – Take Me To The Clouds Above (Rudedog Remix)
Lost Witness vs Antillas – Chasing Rainbows [Armada] (+cowriter)
Powers, Davies & Mac – Don’t Stop [3Beat] (+cowriter)
Radiola – DJ
Roald – Pulse (Daz Bailey Remix)
Rudedog – Just A Dreamer (+cowriter)
Rudedog – The Way That I Feel (+cowriter)
Sosumi – You Got The Love
September – Me And My Microphone (Rudedog Remix (AATW)
Spencer & Hill – Yeah Yeah Yeah (Christian Davies Remix) [Bazooka]
Treviso – Disco And Dance (Original & Christian Davies Remix) [All Around The World]
Treviso – One For The Kids
Treviso – Better Days
X-Cite – Follow Me {All Around The World]
X-Fada – Crazy Sax (Christian Davies) [All Around The World]
Lawless – Need You Now


Armin Van Buuren – In And Out Of Love (Christian Davies Remix) [All Around The World]
Cascada – Night Nurse (Christian Davies Remix) [All Around The World]
Christian Davies – Do it Again (Bazooka Records)
Christian Davies – Touch My Heart (Bazooka Records)
CLK – No Matter What (Christian Davies Remix) [All Around The World]
Darren Styles – Holding On (Christian Davies Remix) [All Around The World]
Darren Styles & Manian – Outta My Head (West End DJs Remix) [AATW]
Daz Bailey – Chase The Sun
Dee-Luxx – Hot Hot Hot (Christian Davies Remix) [Serious]
Des Mitchell & Christian Davies – Call me (Bazooka Records)
Dirty Little Funkers – Right Before My Eyes
Elin Lanto – Love Made Me Stupid (Christian Davies Remix) [All Around The World]
Fran Cosgrave & Ethan Project – Circus Bells
Fran Cosgrave & Ethan Project vs Christian Davies – Fluke [Audiodamage]
Funkee Dee – Are Ya Gonna Bang (Poolside Party Remix) [All Around The World]
Ibiza Knights – Switch
Jason Derulo – What If (Christian Davies Remix) [Warners]
Kristofer James vs RF Project – Please Don’t Go (Original / Christian Davies Mixes) [In Demand]
Lost Witness – Red Sun Rising 2010
Manian – Loco (Raverforce Remix) [Zooland / AATW]
N-Dubz – Best Behaviour (Christian Davies Remix) [All Around The World]
Northern Allstars – Don’t Stop Believing [All Around The World]
N-Trance – Set You free (Raverforce Remix)
N-Trance – Is This Love (N-Trance / Freeloaders Mixes) [All Around The World] (Mastering)
N-Trance – Is This Love (Christian Davies / Stefan Krisster / Raverforce Remixes) [All Around The World]
Raverforce – Rock The Floor
Robert M & Biopunk – Start Again (Christian Davies Remix) [Bazooka]
Rock Solid Mafia – Shake That Ass (Original & Christian Davies Mixes) [In Demand / All Around The World]
Rudedog – All I Want Is The Bass (Christian Davies Remix) [All Around The World]
Rudedog – Drifting Away
Rudedog – Walk Into The Sun (Original & Christian Davies Mixes)) [All Around The World]
The Mitchell Project – Wanna See You Dance (Original & Christian Davies Remix) [Metrogroove]
The One Hundred – Break Me Down (Daz Bailey Remix)
Yolanda Be Cool – We Speak No Americano (Christian Davies Bootleg) [CDR]


Amen UK! – Passion (Raverforce Remix) [Mindset]
Bailey ft Jodie Conner – Higher State (Christian Davies Remix) [Digitraxx]
Cascada – Dangerous (West End DJs Remix) [AATW]
Christian Davies – The Bends (Bazooka Records)
DJ Junior ft Terri B – Party Train (Christian Davies) [Zooland]
Des Mitchell – Welcome To The Dance 2009 [Digitraxx]
East 17 – Alright (West End DJs remix)
Ibiza Knights – Te Quiero Evissa [Oxyd]
K-Cat – Boys Don’t Cry (Christian Davies Remix) [Mindset]
Liz McLarnon – Not In Love (Christian Davies Remix) [3beat]
Longo & Wainwright – One Life Stand (Christian Davies Remix) [All Around The World]
Michelle Lawson – No Smoke Without Fire (Christian Davies Remix) [D6]
Pitron & Senna – Bodyswerve (Anton Powers & Christian Davies Remix) [3Beat]
Powers & Rossko – Yellow Brick Road (Christian Davies Remix) [3Beat]
Rachel Loy – I Can Feel It (Ibiza Knights Remix) [Big In Ibiza]
Rank 1 – Airwave (Ibiza Knights Remix) [CDR]
Rob Technic – Controlling Me (Christian Davies Remix) [In Demand]
Source – You Got The Love (Christian Davies remix) [CDR]
Spencer & Hill – I Want You (Christian Davies Remix) [Tiger]
Tina Moore – Never Gonna Let You Go (Christian Davies Remix) [3Beat]
The Mitchell Project – I Feel Like I’m Home (Original / Christian Davies / NFD Remixes) [In Demand]
Ultrabeat vs West End DJs – Saving Grace [AATW]
Northern Allstars – Rock The Dancefloor (AATW)


Amy Studt – Nice Boys (Bulletproof Remix) [19]
Bob The Builder – Big Fish Little Fish [BBC]
Bob The Builder – – Hey Wendy! [BBC]
CD & Jay – Disco Bitch [In Demand]
Eifel 65 – Blue (Christian Davies Bootleg)
Natural Born Grooves – Candy On The Dancefloor (Christian Davies Remix) [3Beat]
Ibiza Knights – Feels So Good To Be Alive (Original / Terrace Mixes) [Big In Ibiza]
Ibiza Knights – Breathless [Big In Ibiza]
The Next Great American Band – Theme (19 / FOX TV USA)
Zeebra – Dirty Country
Zeebra – Rock-A-Hula


Alan Conner – Now The Rain Has Gone (Anyone Seen Lorraine Remix) [D6]
Alan Conner – Kiss Me (Christian Davies Mix) [D6]
Ibiza Knights – Belfast Child [CDR]
Karen Danzig – China In Your Hand (Christian Davies Remix) [D6]
Pianoman – Blurred (Kuta Mix) [Energise]
Saintess – Just Keep Walking [CDR]
Youness – So Fine (Des Mitchell & Christian Davies Remix) [Soulheat]


Freeloaders – Freefalling (Kuta Mix) [AATW]
Gina G – Tonight’s The Night (Kuta Mix) [Stuntgirl Music]
Jamcat – Music n You (Kuta Mix) [Jamcat Music]
New Emotion – Nine To Five (Kuta Mix) [Energise)
Northernbeat – Rockin For Myself (Kuta Mix) [Energise]
Over Hyped Maniacs Feat. Fenton Gee – Trust Me / Out Of Control (Christian Davies / Kuta Remixes) [D6]
Sampson & Mason – The Crown (Christian Davies Remix) [Nuxx]


CCL – Released (Christian Davies Remix) [Tempest Angels]
Cloud 99 – Fairytale [Ministry of Sound]
Karen Danzig – Heartbeatz (Kuta Mix) [All Around The World]
Kuta Productions – Let There Be Passion [Recall]
Love 2 Infinity – Finally (Kuta Remix) [Feverpitch]


Alex K – One Summer (Kuta Productions Remix) [Central Station]
N-Trance – I’m In Heaven (Kuta Productions Remix) [All Around The World]
Phixx – Wild Boys (Kuta Mix) [Concept]
Rezonance Q – Sweetheart (Kuta Mix) [All Around The World]


Kuta Productions – Beat It [Naughty But Nice]
Kuta Producitons – You Make Me Feel Good [Naughty But Nice]
Kuta Productions – Be Unfaithful [White]
Kuta Productions – Get Your Love Inside Of Me [Naughty But Nice]
Harry’s Afro Cuts – C’mon Lady (Pez Tellet Remix) [Positiva]
Love Inc. – Superstar (Pez Tellet Remix) [NuLife]
Love Inc. – Do You Feel The Love (Pez Tellet Remix) [NuLife]
Pianoman – Blurred (Sosumi Remix)
Sosumi – Annihilating Rump Shaker
Das Cockster vs La Cost – Everywhere [Based]
Das Cockster ft Thomas Henry – Sensitive Man [Based]
Sosumi – Shades Of Panic
Ashiva – Sunrise (Pez Tellet Remix) [FFRR]
Angel City – Sunrise (Pez Tellet Remix) [FFRR]


Sosumi – Feel The Tribute [AATW]
Das Cockster – Love You More [BCD]
Das Cockster – Fool’s Overture [Based]

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